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Third of the way there

Becci and myself are attempting to ride 1000 miles this April.  Its been quite a challenge, I haven’t given too much thought to the way we’ve tackled it so far, so here goes.  Endurance rider Rob Lee sparked off the idea of the 1000 miles in April challenge, we liked the sound of it so casually signed up on the forum he set up – the easy bit! Then we started thinking about it and doing calculations, how far we’d need to ride each day, what would happen to our daily target if we did a few ‘big’ rides.  There seemed so many variables, including a pre planned 4 day holiday halfway through the month where no riding will be possible, that I kind of shrugged off trying to plan any attempts to commit to anything!

We did kick off the challenge in a good way by completing the Bath100.  Having done it we thought that doing some longer rides would be the best way to get to the target.  It made sense as we have a few days off thanks to the bank holiday where we could make a big dent into the miles. The best bit is that it means less epic rides are needed after work, which helps.

Becci's sketch of descent from White Horse Bath 100

We are now nearing the middle of the month and our ‘enforced’ holiday, the realisation dawns that we should be nearing the 500 mile mark. We’re at 334 so that leaves 166 to do in the next 3 days – which is going to be very tricky as we’ve got to balance work with the challenge of high mileage riding.

Overall the challenge has not caused too many aches and pains, as we’ve managed to have rest days after long rides or used the flat Bristol Bath railway path for ‘recovery rides’.