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Nuun hydration

As the days seem to be getting warmer (and muggier) it’s definitely important to make sure you’re staying hydrated whilst cycling, or doing any activity for that matter!


Nuun hydration tablets are a great way of doing this- a refreshing tasting electrolyte tablet, they replace the electrolytes and minerals (sodium, potassium, magnessium and calcium) lost during daily activities, especially so through sweat.


By introducing the electrolytes you reduce the risk of headaches, cramps and feeling fatigued prematurely. (Nuun)


We’ve been using them for about half a year now, for cycling, walking, badminton, swimming, spinning, weights classes, and gymming in general and would say that they certainly do the trick! I definitely feel like I can cycle better for longer using them as opposed to just water. Of course they also taste a lot nicer than plain water, so help if, like me, you’re not terribly good at drinking frequently anyway.


In comparison to other electrolyte tablets that I’ve tried I would say they taste many, many times better – they don’t have that artificial sweetener taste that many others seem to have for one, and they also have such a wide range of flavours that even the fussiest of taste buds should find a couple of flavours that are enjoyable.


Currently they have 10 flavours¬†available in the UK, everything from the almost savory grape and lemon tea, to the really sweet tropical and fruit punch to the more “safe bets” of orange and citrus fruits.


We’ve got them all in stock, and if you fancy trying a few then we do four tubes for ¬£20