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New DT Wheels

There is a great new display of DT wheels in the shop, Jim the carpenter built a great stand for them which you can see below. DT Wheels are amongst the best in the world, in fact they make many rims and spokes for a host of other wheel companies. Having ridden a pair of DT wheels for the best part of a year I can certainly say they are stiffer, stronger and more durable than the wheels that came with my bike.

This is what a customer wrote in an email to me after riding a pair of R23’s which he bought to replace the stock wheels on his Genesis Equilibrium (I weighed his old wheels and they were almost 2KGs so he saved 400g!!)

Just got back from a little spin with the new wheels.  Wow, what a difference they make!  It’s like having a new bike.  They were so responsive when accelerating and climbing was loads easier.  i should’ve done that years ago. “

I’m so confident in DT wheels that I offer free truing and free spoke replacement for the life of the wheels.



I’ve got 4 pairs of road / cyclocross wheels always in stock – 2 for disc brakes and 2 for rim brakes.

Wide rims:

All the wheels have modern wide rims, which mean that the profile of the tyre when inflated is more rounded rather than lightbulb shaped – meaning more tyre on the road when cornering


The wheels can be run with inner tubes or with special tubless tyres that do not require inner tubes. Tubeless valves and tubeless rim tape are supplied with the wheels

Axle compatibility

These wheels are very simple to convert the axle end cap depending if you have quick release, 12mm thru axle or 15mm thru axles. Simply pop off the end cap and insert the correct end cap which all come supplied with the wheels.

The wheels:

R20 – rim brake model 1500 grams pair – £475.00

The hub machining is beautiful



R23 – rim brake model 1605grams pair £375.00

R23 – disc brake model 1655grams pair £425.00

Aero spokes on both R23 model wheels are strong,l stiff and aerodynamic!



R32 rim brake model 1735grams pair £375.00

R32 disc brake model 1720grams pair £425.00

A deeper semi aerodynamic rim