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Missing Link

Local Sustrans Rangers who look after traffic free National Cycle Network routes recently organised a work day to clear the way for Frome’s ‘missing link.’  I’ve been a Ranger for over 7 years and done lots of work days – they’re great fun and rewarding. Local Ranger Geoff sent us this report of their latest work day, which looked super rewarding!  Show your support to them in any way you can – they’re doing great things!

A work weekend organised by local volunteers was a great success. Nearly 40 volunteers braved the cold on Saturday and 25 the ice on Sunday to hack through head high brambles and undergrowth to restore grassland and clear the way for the first part of the Missing Link path. Some travelled from Bristol, one man from Sussex visiting his girlfriend was roped in, and even people out for a Sunday walk joined in.

It was a great demonstration of public support and their will to see the project succeed. They enjoyed themselves so much that many asked to come back again so another weekend was arranged for 25/26th February. The workdays have been a great success with the first 720 metres of the Link on land already owned by national charity Sustrans cleared.  To join the Chain Gang please see