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Lezyne Steel Floor Drive

In a dark greasy corner in a bike workshop in Bath lurks a beast, of a pump!  Seriously the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive has been in use in our workshop for around 6 months now and has proved indispensable. Firstly its appearance, it looks solid especially the nice aluminium feet at the base, they’re textured to give grip and reassuringly long to keep the pump upright.  The hose clips over the pump handle using the threaded ‘flip chuck’ valve to clip it to the base of the pump, this makes it look really neat when storing it.  The handle is one of the nicer features, a bit thinner where your palms rest to aid grip and made of a very durable varnished wood.  With all the use in the workshop some of the deeper grooves in the grain have become embedded with black grease, giving it an aged appearance which is nice.  The barrel is pretty plain, painted in a variety of colours but really its just a simple tube.

In use the pump is really great.  The barrel and piston is long enough to not have to double over when pumping which is great for your back.  The best thing about it is that it takes very few strokes to get a tyre up to full pressure, road tyres can be up to 110 psi in a matter of 10 strokes!  The flip chuck is a great mechanics friend, you screw the chuck onto the valve and of course you’re guaranteed that it will always push air into the tube and its never going to pop off.  Also when removing it you never have to struggle with a QR lever and the subsequent ‘kickback’ when you release the lever.  It really is much easier to get on and off than the lever types of pump.  I have had issues with it taking out the valve cores on presta valves, but Lezyne have updated the pump with an Air Bleed System (ABS) button, which releases all the pressure in the tube and means valve cores stay put.  If you already own this pump or any Lezyne pump the new ABS chucks can be bought separately.  The guage is housed in a big chunky ring of engineered aluminium at the base of the pump, I’ve got to say its become pretty obscured at times by dust and muck from the workshop.  A quick wipe gets rid of the muck and the dial can be seen again, mind you it is necessary to get down a bit and take a squint at it as the numbering on the dial is ‘sparse’.  Having said that it doesn’t detract from the pleasure of using such a solid feeling pump. The video below shows it (and me!) in action thanks to Bath Uni CC.

Overall a brilliant bit of kit.