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Lapierre Sensium

The Lapierre Sensium has been getting lots of attention in the shop, its pretty eye catching.  Its an all new model for 2013 with a totally new frame.  Its frame has gentle curves, not aggressively over styled which is nice.  Its also made from ‘high modulus’ unidirectional carbon fibre – in other words high quality which will absorb and soften the ride on rough roads.  Take a look at the picture below of the Sensium 300 equipped with SRAM Apex. Pop in to see the Shimano 105 equipped Sensium 200 in the shop, its very nice in the flesh! took a Sensium for an extended test ride for over a month and really loved the ride, read more about their experience on it here. Cycling Plus tested the 300 version as pictured above, read their write up here.