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Jambusting June with the council

Recently the Bath and North East Somerset Council bought a pool bike to share for commuting to and from work, here’s a quick word from them:


“Bath & North East Somerset Council is launching its first staff pool bike scheme as part of Jambusting June. As well as new technology power assisted electric bikes, we were keen to supply a high quality bike that our staff can be confident offers  both reliability and performance. Having access to local cycle dealers  was crucial in getting the best advice, equipment and maintenance package.”


They chose a Saracen 2012 Clever Mike (apparently Cockney rhyming slang for bike). Being equipped with an Alfine 8 Speed hub gear it makes even tough Bath hills a breeze, and lets the rider change gear whilst stationery – handy for stopping at lights. The disc brakes also mean that it’s very low maintenance, so always ready for the next user.

We’ve had lots of positive feedback, being told that it’s lovely to ride, and has attracted some admiring looks.