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Cycling Solicitor

We had a visit today from Mark Hambleton who is a ‘cycling’ solicitor at Withy King.  Mark is a keen cyclist and comes in three times a week or so on his bike from Bristol. He and his colleagues at the firm sound pretty keen on pitting themselves against various challenges at home and abroad, so they are definitely a sound bunch!  Mark himself is undertaking a 300 mile bike ride in September for the BHF, Prostate Cancer and the Street cricket club youth team for whom he used to play.  He’s promised to update us on this blog with progress towards that.  

After seeing the recent incident where a cyclist was knocked off his bike by a bus driver in Bristol its pretty clear that at certain times legal help is needed.  We had a long chat and Mark is evidently a committed and keen cyclist and (I’m sure) would use this expertise in any case where his professional assistance is needed. A bit of blurb from him about his legal work below.

This is Mark in commute mode

 Mark Hambleton is a keen cyclist and solicitor at Withy King Solicitors. Mark specialises in representing cyclists and advising them on their legal rights. He founded the BicycleLaw Unit at Withy King. Mark regularly cycles to work in Bath from his home in Bristol. Mark also works at the Withy King offices in Oxford and Swindon.

If you have been injured whilst riding, purchased a faulty product from a bikeshop or the internet or have a general legal query you should not hesitate to phone him on 01225 489 216 or email him at

Mark will be happy to discuss your query with you on a free of charge basis initially before advising you on the likely fee if you wish to pursue your matter further.

If your enquiry relates to an injury that you have suffered then Withy King will represent you on a “no win, no fee basis” following an initial (free) assessment. Withy King’s injured clients always keep 100% of the compensation they are awarded.