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Ravemen Lights

I wanted a change for the range of lights that I currently stock and although I liked the Lezyne range there were other brands doing some really cool stuff, like Ravemen lights.


The key feature of the new Ravemen lights, which really caught my eye(!), is the specially shaped bevelled lens.  This is a solution to the blinding effect all LED bike lights currently suffer from. As you can see in the picture above it has a dual lens (or Dualens as they call it), one lens is the dipped normal beam you use all the time, the other is the headlight or full beam.


The beam from the Ravemen lights lenses is essentailly flattened off at the top and the light is directed where you want it, at the road, not into the eyes of other road users.

The three other really great features are the remote button, USB charging and the runtime indicator display.  With the remote you can change modes of course, but you can also switch to full blast beam for as long as you hold the button, a bit like flashing your car headlamp.  The runtime display tells you how long your battery will last in each mode, very useful and more accurate than anything else available. The light can be used as a battery pack to charge other devices, which is really cool.


I’ve been testing them on long rides into the dusk and dark and the beam pattern is very good with very good visibility, but most of all happy that I am not blinding or distracting other road users. did a great review of the 1200 lumen version and more recently the 600 lumen version